Why Choose Hackensack Recovery ?

Why choose us?

We have the most experience and the best equipment in the area to ensure the highest level of success with your recovery. Has stated Elsewhere on this website we are the only company area to have both deepspar and pc3000 the two most expensive data recovery equipment items available and we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn how to best use them for our clients.   There are tons of fake data recovery companies out there who are looking for logical recoveries only but have no problem destroying your drive or your recovery chances in their hunt. They lack the ability and the equipment to do physical recoveries. Our equipment can turn on and off specific parts of your drive and reprogram other parts of the drive. This assures us the maximum success rate for getting your precious data back.   YOUR DATA IS OUR REPUTATION & WE DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO BET IT BACK AT THE RIGHT PRICE

YES! we do physical “clean room” type recoveries including platter’head and PC exchanges

YES! we are raid expert recovering all raid levels from 0 thru 10 (all member disks must be supplied)

Our Process

you deliver your drive to us

we check the drive and test recoverability

We see if the recovery is physical or logical. A physical recovery requires high end equipment and huge amounts of expertise. About 80% of the drives that we yet are physical recovery. Sadly most companies that advertise that they are data recovery centers are only able to recover logical recoveries as they lack the equipment and expertise to do a physical recovery

We quote you a price and upon approval start your recovery

We also have in-house technicians who are experts in recovering from a ransomware encryption – where a bug gets on your pc and encrypts your files (pictures, documents, emails, accounting databases).   We use a decryption method only known to a few individuals that exploits the sloppy code of most ransomware.

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